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All Stars

2019 All Star Teams

Major Baseball Team Minor Baseball Team
Daniel Jackson – Manager            George Trice - Manager
Casey Schang – Coach    Paul Andrews - Coach
Chris Woolfe - Assistant Coach   Travis Nein – Assistant Coach
Jonathan Jackson
Tristan Gavin
Clifford Tanner
Rory Carson
Blaine Logan
Xander Jackson
Isaiah Chase
Kenton Dyrian
Luis Dayton
Laik Hunter
Broderick Joey
Bradley Timothy


All Star Eligibility & Forms

Every player will need a Player Verification form completed (by the League) and signed by the parent. Players if you are completing the form please don't fill out anything except your name and signature; the League will do the rest!

All Star Voting Process 2019

The time of year is upon us in which our All-Star teams are selected. To avoid any confusion or answer any questions you as a player or parent may have, Lewis River Little League has provided this overview of how this process works.  Lewis River Little League supports this process and believes it to be fair to all players.


Player Eligibility – Only eligible candidates will be included on the All-Star ballot. Eligible Players are those who have met the requirements for tournament play listed in the rule book.

VotingAll players will sign their ballots. Players within the division will be allowed to vote for 12 players in their division. Players’ votes will be counted and the top FIVE (5) will make the All-Star team. The votes will be counted by a Board member who has no tie to the team – cannot be a coach, manager, parent or grandparent. Managers and the head coach within the division will be allowed to vote for 12 players. Managers’ and the head coaches’ votes will be counted and the next FIVE (5), (excluding the FIVE (5) already on the team), will make the All-Star team.

The Major Team will be selected first, the Minor Team second, and the 11 year old Team last. Players and Managers selected to more than one team will be notified by the Player Agent and allowed to choose (immediate response required) what team they would like to join, but cannot change teams once a choice has been made (by a parent committing/telling the board/player agent) or the teams have been announced.


Players within the division will vote for whom they believe would make the best All-Star Manager.

After the 10 All-Star players (herein referred to as the All-Star Team) have been selected according to the PLAYER SELECTION RULES, the All-Star team’s ballots will be used to determine the All-Star Manager.

Depending on who the elected All-Star Manager is (by player vote count), the first choice for All-Star Coach would then be the next manager with the highest placing in league play. The third coach would be selected at the discretion of the All-Star Manager. Example: If the elected All-Star Manager finishes 2nd in league play, the 1st place Manager in league play becomes Coach #1, and Coach #2 is chosen by the elected All-Star Manager. (They should be managers or coaches from teams within their division.) Managers must be able to attend practices and games; and must continue until eliminated from tournament play.

*Note: The Board has the ability to disapprove any All-Star Manager and Coach selection if they find it so necessary. Any manager up for All-star Manager or Coach that holds any position or relation to a child in that division on the board shall not be any part of the discussion or vote.

All-Star Player Notification – Managers will not be told which FIVE (5) picks were voted on by the players. The last two (2) or three (3) players will be chosen by the All-Star Manager. The All-Star Manager will notify the players on or after an approved date set by the Board.

We hope this helps clear up confusion and lets everybody know what is going on right from the start. 

It isn’t easy, it’s a lot of hard work, but it can be something special that kids will remember forever.

Thanks for reading this and supporting Lewis River Little League. 

GO Lewis River Little League, GO WOODLAND!!


All Start Parent Meeting is tonight, June 3rd at 6pm at the Snack Shack. Please bring your child’s original birth certificate. The cost is $50.00 and we are able to accept cash, check and credit cards.

All star Dates & Locations

District 6 All Star Tournaments Locations

All Softball is at Glenwood Little League Starting June 15th
50/70 Junior & Senior Baseball at Glenwood Little League Possible start date is June 22nd

8-10 Baseball at La Center Little League Start date June 22nd

9-11 Baseball at Battle Ground Little League Start Date June 22nd

10 - 12 Little League Baseball at Salmon Creek Little league Start Date June 22nd

All Star Brackets - Baseball

Below are the brackets. However please check the District website for any changes:


All Star Brackets - Softball

Below are the brackets. However please check the District website for any changes: